Universal Audio SP-1 Standard Pencil Microphone pair

Universal AudioTuotekoodi MIC-UASP-1


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Home and Studio Recordists

Professional stereo sound, easily.

Expertly record instruments, live performances, and more with our natural-sounding, small-diaphragm condenser stereo microphone pair.

The perfect pair for stereo recording.

With the SP‑1 Standard Pencil Microphone Pair, you can record acoustic instruments, drums and percussion, and live performances in stereo, with pristine fidelity for instant album‑quality sound.


Get Album-Ready Stereo Sound

As a matched stereo pair, SP‑1s add clarity, width, and dimension to your recordings. Whether it’s tight X/Y patterns or spaced pairs, combine them how you want and hear the detail in your instrument like never before.


Capture Your Best Recordings, Anywhere

The SP-1’s classic cardioid design, high SPL tolerance, and smooth, clear top-end deliver consistently clean capture of acoustic guitars, drum overheads, percussion, horns, and more — at any volume, in any environment.



Find Your Sound, with Style

We engineered the SP-1 pair to be your everyday choice for stereo recording. With a retro finish and road‑worthy build, these stylish condensers are a serious studio upgrade, with vintage elegance for days.


Sound Like the Pros with Apollo Interface Presets

Take the guesswork out of getting professional sounds with Apollo's custom SP‑1 mic presets. Get the perfect preamp, EQ, and compression settings for adding shimmer to cymbals, or bolstering horns and stringed instruments with rich stereo sound.

Own the SP-1 Standard Pencil Mics? Click here to register your mics and get presets ›



  • Small-diaphragm condenser stereo mic pack for studio and live use

  • Cardioid polar pattern rejects off‑axis sounds and room noise

  • Perfectly matched pair for accurate stereo recordings

  • Shape drums, guitars, and more with SP‑1 Apollo Channel Strip Presets

  • Includes mic clips, foam windscreens, stereo T‑bar mount, and travel case

  • Quality UA craftsmanship and stylish, rugged build

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