Sonnet ThuderLok 3L Connector Lock for TCB-TB3-1M/2M, 2-pack

SonnetTuotekoodi TB3-LOK2L


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Secure Connections for Sonnet 1- and 2-meter Thunderbolt 3 (40Gbps) Active Cables

Thunderbolt 3 connectors are held in place by friction—which usually works fine in setups where your gear remains protected from disturbance while operating. But, if there’s a chance of movement nearby, it’s possible the Thunderbolt cable can be accidentally disconnected, leading to the loss of a file or an entire project. Sonnet’s ThunderLok 3L Thunderbolt connector retainer clip is designed to solve this problem by preventing accidental cable disconnections from supported Sonnet Thunderbolt 3 products.

ThunderLok 3L Connected to Thunderbolt 3 Cable

ThunderLok 3L: Secure Connection Assured

ThunderLok 3L helps prevent accidental cable disconnections. When used with compatible products, ThunderLok 3L secures a Sonnet 1-meter and 2-meter Thunderbolt 3 (40Gbps) active cable from accidentally being unplugged.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Sonnet 1- and 2-meter Thunderbolt 3 (40Gpbs) Active Cables Only
  • Easy to Install and Use – Slides Over Cable and Connects to Device
  • Won't Get Lost – Remains on Cable, Even When Disconnected
  • Economical Two Pack
  • 2-year Product Warranty
  • Free Lifetime Customer Technical Support
  • Designed in the USA

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