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SonnetTuotekoodi XMAC-STD-0


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*Connects PCIe Card Slots to Mac Studio
Use high-performance PCIe cards with the Mac Studio.
*Makes Your Mac Studio Road-ready
3U rackmount enclosure with firm rubber cushions securely holds the Mac Studio and Thunderbolt expansion module in place, adding mobility to your workflow.
*Ideal for Use in Server Rooms
Standard mounting holes and included adjustable rack rails enable easy installation into any standard server rack up to 24” deep.
*Front to Back Airflow Management
Supports direct airflow through the enclosure, Mac Studio, and Thunderbolt expansion module to keep them operating as cool in a rack as on a desk, even when the xMac Studio is mounted between two other rack-mounted components.
*Front Panel Power Switch and Integrated USB-A Ports
Front panel button enables operation of the computer’s rear-mounted power switch; integrated USB-A hub enables connection of four USB peripherals to the Mac Studio.
*Easy Access
No tools required – removable front panel secured with thumbscrews allows easy installation of and access to the Mac Studio. Secured with three thumbscrews on the back, the Thunderbolt expansion module can be removed and reinstalled through the front of the enclosure without removing the front plate.
*Space for Storage
Behind a covered opening beneath the computer is a space to place two Thunderbolt or USB SSDs (sold separately); two included adhesive-backed magnets secure them in place.
*Open Slot and Port Access
Provides access to the computer’s SD card slot and front and back panel ports, enabling you to connect and disconnect cables easily.

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