Sonnet DisplayLink Dual DisplayPort Adapter

SonnetTuotekoodi USB3-DDP4K


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*Connects Two 4K @ 60Hz DisplayPort Displays to M1 Macs. Enables connection of two 4K DisplayPort displays to a single Thunderbolt or USB port on your computer.
*Connect to a Thunderbolt or USB Port Includes a USB-A female to USB-C male adapter.
*Expands Your Onscreen Work and Play Area Open multiple applications on different displays, view your work on larger screens, browse the web, and watch videos.
*Supports Other Resolutions Also supports 1080P and other lower resolution displays at 60Hz. And Supports Audio.
*Perfect for M1 Mac Notebooks Best for use with M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro. Also Compatible with other Mac and Windows Computers.

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