Sonance DISC SYSTEM Depth Sensing Gauge for IS Speakers

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The Sonance DISC System provides a highly accurate method for non-destructively quantifying the thickness of a finish applied on top of a Sonance invisible speaker diaphragm. The Sonance DG-1 handheld depth gauge uses a magnetic sensor to measure the distance between the top of the finished speaker and steel discs embedded in all four corners behind the speaker diaphragm of Sonance Motion Flex Invisible Speakers

The depth gauge has been pre-calibrated to account for the invisible speaker’s total diaphragm thickness. Therefore, the measurement you read on the gauge will tell you the actual thickness of the finishing material on the surface of the diaphragm, in mm—assuming you have a smooth, level finish across the entire surface.

This system should be used after all drywall mud/ topping compound has been applied, feathered, leveled, cured, and sanded—but before any priming, painting, or final finishing steps are performed. This gives the installer the opportunity to verify and potentially alter the mud/finish thickness before it’s too late.

Staying within finish thickness requirements is critical for an invisible speaker’s performance and longevity. The ability to now quantify finish thickness allows the installer to achieve consistent, predictable results that unlock the full potential of fidelity and reliability that Sonance invisible speakers are capable of.

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