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Architectural Series Bandpass Subwoofers


Thin-Line In-Wall and In-Ceiling Bandpass Subwoofer

In-wall and In-ceiling Bandpass Subwoofers

  • Totally flush aesthetic that exactly matches size of round or square trim-less downlights
  • Patented mounting platforms deliver a high-quality installation with precision grille leveling

Flexible Application
Sonance leads in design and performance. We believe in continually challenging industry standards and developing products that solve for a need. Many home interiors are faced with space limitations and mounting restrictions within walls and ceilings, leaving clients with limited options for quality audio. In our quest to develop an in-wall and in-ceiling subwoofer that is flexible for limited spaces, we've set the bar for flexibility while engineering a subwoofer that outperforms anything like it. Sonance is pleased to introduce the new Thin- Line in-wall and in-ceiling subwoofer, BPS6 TL.

The new BPS6 TL is compatible with both Sonance Architectural Series and Visual Performance Series products. Engineered for new-construction, the BPS6 TL fits into a standard 2 x 4 stud bay, great for shallow depth surfaces. When installed into a wall or ceiling, the only visual impact is a 3" diameter round or square grille to match other Sonance in-ceiling speakers and most lighting designs.

Designed using state-of-the-art computer modeling software to vastly improve magnetic field and suspension linearity for consistent sonic performance at any SPL for best-in-class performance.

Woofer 12.83" x 3” (326mm x 76mm) laminated carbon fiber cone with a rubber surround, dual voice coil
Frequency Response 38Hz - 125Hz ±3dB
Impedance 6 ohms nominal
Sensitivity 87dB SPL (2.83V/1 meter)

Internal Crossover Frequency

125Hz @ 12dB per Octave
Power Handling 50 watts minimum; 150 watts maximum
Dimensions 39 3/8” x 11” x 3 3/8”  (1000mm x 279mm x 86mm)
Shipping Weight 40 lbs (18.68kg) each
Port Tube Dimensions 3” x 22” (76mm x 559mm)
Requirements *ASBPC3RS TL or VPBPC3R TL (Bandpass Connectors with Grilles)


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