Sommer Cable, Connector Module 4 x NEUTRIK® etherCON® NE8 B-series on LSA clamp

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Connector Module 4 x NEUTRIK® etherCON® NE8 B-series on LSA clamp (4x2x4-pin), 8-pole , 1 HE, 3 BE, metal-, LSA-clamp (white) 32 x-, gold plated contact(s), nickel coloured, for SYS-series

This connector module for use in SYSBOXX, SYSPAN or SYSBOARD housing systems provides an easy and high-quality installation option for combining the popular NEUTRIK® etherCON® series with other common AV and media technology connector systems. This enables a trouble-free combination of connection systems for network, media and audio technology as well as power supply. The insulation displacement connectors are tried and tested LSA+ modules from manufacturer ADC KRONE and suitable for cables with solid wires from AWG 27/1 to AWG 22/1 or stranded wires with AWG 24/7. For shield connection and strain relief metal cable clamps are included in delivery. The circuit board is optimized for signals up to a maximum of 100 MHz (max. 1Gbit/s).

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