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RackSet Screws

  • Large mounting screws for studio rackmount equipment
  • 10-32 thread compatible with 19” equipment racks
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Industrial look & feel to suit any recording studio
  • Sold in boxes of 12, including nylon washers

Radial RackSet screws are designed to easily and securely mount 19” studio rackmount gear by hand. The oversized easy-grip head is knurled for hand-tightening during installation, and they are also slotted to allow a screwdriver to be used to loosen the screws if necessary. Stainless steel construction ensures that RackSet screws wont strip, along with standard 10-32 threading to fit in most equipment racks. Sold in a set of 12, each screw also includes a nylon washer to prevent marking or wear on equipment when mounted. With a heavy-duty industrial look and feel, RackSet screws are well suited for any home or professional studio environment.

RackSet Screws Works With

  • Headload Rack Adapter
  • J-Rak 4
  • J-Rak 8
  • JD6
  • JD7
  • KL-8
  • LX8
  • mPress
  • OX8
  • ProD8
  • Rack Adapter
  • SW4
  • SW8
  • SW8-USB

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