Radial J-RAK 8

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Most Radial direct boxes, splitters, isolators and Reampers may be rack-mounted using either the J-Rak 4™ or the J-Rak 8™. These enable multiple units to be combined and safely stored for touring or used as part of a permanent installation. Mounting the DIs is easy. You simply remove the outer shell and slide the inner frame into one of the racks

J-RAK 8 works with:
  • JDI
  • JDI Stereo
  • J48
  • J48 Stereo
  • J33
  • JDX 48
  • JPC
  • ProAV2
  • ProD2
  • Trim-Two
  • J+4
  • JS2
  • JS3
  • LX-2
  • LX-3
  • ProMS2
  • JCR

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