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Stereo +4dB to -10dB converters - Jensen transformer

The Radial J-Iso™ and Pro-Iso™ are stereo line isolators designed to convert a professional +4dB line level balanced signal to an unbalanced -10dB consumer level device. This enables you to take the balanced output of a mixer and feed a consumer level recorder or audio input on a computer.

  • Converts balanced line level signals to unbalanced
  • Stereo signal path with set & forget level control
  • Transformer isolated to eliminate hum & buzz
  • Features Jensen transformers for optimal signal path

Exceptional signal handling

The passive design begins with 100% discrete components throughout. A set & forget level control lets you attenuate the input signal to prevent it from overloading the destination device. Output connections include a stereo pair of ¼" connectors, a set of RCAs and a mini 3.5mm (1/8") for interfacing to a mini recorder or lap-top computer. Transformer isolation helps eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops while eliminating stray DC currents from flowing. Construction begins with 14 gauge steel throughout utilizing Radial's unique bookend construction. This creates a protective zone around the connectors and controls for added durability. The steel construction also assists by shielding the transformers from outside magnetic fields. Inside, the J-Iso features an innovative I-beam skeletal insert that makes it virtually impossible to torque the PC board. This reduces potential stress which could cause premature solder joint failure.


The Radial J-Iso is a pro to consumer signal converter. It is designed to take a +4dB balanced line level and bring this down to a -10dB unbalanced format for easy manipulation with computers, hand held recorders and other unbalanced systems. Set and forget controls allow the system tech to set levels for optimal signal transfer. The J-Iso and Pro-Iso differ with respect to the transformer and audio signal path. The J-iso is designed to deliver full bandwidth audio while the Pro-Iso is band limited for the voice range.

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