Merging Horus/Hapi 8 ch. Line Output DA-module, DSD/DXD Premium

MergingTuotekoodi IOM-H-DA8P


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With Direct Out, DSD/DXD Premium Audio

These remotely controlled Mic/Line input cards are 3rd generation Dual Gain topology designs, taking inspiration from the outstanding Anubis Preamps, showing zero tolerance to any compromise on the audio quality. 


    • Auto-mute circuitry for “no-pop” power cycling
    • Digitally controlled trims for line up procedures
    • Dynamic range of 126dB (typ.)
    • Easy to set dip switches for international operating levels

    *If you have 3 AD or ADA cards are installed in a Horus, you will need to add IOC-HORUS-PSR

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