Clay Paky ALPHA BEAM 700 with lamp included (700W, 7200K)

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The Alpha Beam 700 is a special unique luminaire, conceived as an automated ACL to create parallel light beams visible even in the brightest scenes. However its extensive range of effects makes it the most versatile of the Alphas 700. First and foremost, thanks to its rotary gobos and prism, it generates extremely bright beams with amazing dynamic mid-air effects.

At the same time, its high quality optical components with focusing can project sharp gobo patterns even at long distances. Lastly, its frost filter can transform the Alpha Beam 700 into an extremely efficient washlight able to “reinforce” other color changers. Its beam can be moved extremely fast on the stage, on the audience and into the sky during open air events. It can be an exciting blinder or a striking dynamic colorchanging sky-tracker.

A concentrated beam with never-seen-before brightness

Incredible versatility

An incomparable number of spectacular mid-air effects

Breathtakingly fast movements and effects

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