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Avid Carbon Bundle!

Built to capture brilliance

For artists, bands, and producers, Pro Tools | Carbon is a new breed of audio interface—built to capture brilliance. It’s a hybrid audio production system that features incredible sound quality and combines the power of your native CPU with onboard HDX DSP acceleration. So you can push your computer to the limit when you mix and record through AAX DSP plugins with near-zero latency monitoring. All at the touch of a button. All in Pro Tools.

Epic Performance


With the Hybrid Engine under its hood, Carbon maximizes Pro Tools performance, letting you say goodbye to distracting third-party apps. Because every AAX DSP plugin has a native counterpart, you can move seamlessly between worlds at the touch a button. Put a track in DSP Mode for recording, and Carbon accelerates real-time AAX DSP plugins, while your CPU plays back the rest of your mix. Bring the track back to native mode for mixing, and Pro Tools automatically takes care of the technical tasks for you.


With a padless design, incredible 126 dB dynamic range, and support for 32-bit/192 kHz audio conversion, Carbon features the most pristine preamps we’ve ever made. Capture performances without coloration. Bypass any preamp to use your own outboard gear. And with Variable Z built in, you can adjust input impedance to optimize or alter the tone of any microphone or instrument—from dynamic and ribbon mics, to guitar and bass.

All the I/O you need

With 25 x 34 simultaneous I/O, Carbon is ready to record any session—from solo artists to full bands. Eight pristine preamps, four headphone outputs, and 16 channels
of ADAT I/O open up creative possibilities for miking,

cue mixing, and expansion. Plus, its super-fast, high- bandwidth Ethernet connection not only preserves the highest possible sound quality from input to output, it’s designed to support future workflow enhancements too.

Combo mic/line inputs8 balanced XLR/TRS with Variable Z on inputs 5–8
DB25 line inputs8 balanced via 25-pin D-sub
Instrument (Variable Z) inputs - 2 unbalanced 1⁄4-inch TS
Digital inputs -  ADAT: 16 channels @ 44.1–96 kHz
                            ADAT: 8 channels @ 176.4–192 kHz

DB25 line outputs8 balanced via 25-pin D-sub
Monitor outputs2 balanced 1⁄4-inch TRS
Headphone outputs4 stereo 1⁄4-inch TRS
Digital outputsADAT: 16 channels @ 44.1–96 kHz 
                              ADAT: 8 channels @ 176.4–192 kHz


  • Achieve maximum Pro Tools performance with a hybrid system that harnesses onboard HDX DSP and native CPU power
  • Record flawlessly through AAX DSP plugins in real time, enabling you to create polished cue mixes and track with zero audible latency
  • Toggle any track from native to DSP processing mode, freeing up your CPU cores to handle virtual instruments and more creative mixing
  • Capture every performance detail with up to 32-bit/192 kHz audio conversion, double precision clocking, and our most transparent mic preamp design ever
  • Create, record, edit, and mix professional-quality music with
  • Pro Tools, thousands of instrument sounds, and studio-staple effects and sound processors
  • Expand your sonic possibilities with a special pack of premium plugins from Arturia McDSP, Plugin Alliance, UVI, Native Instruments, and more
  • Get all the I/O you need to record an entire band, with 25 x 34 simultaneous channels, including four headphone outs
  • Optimize or change up the tone of your mics, guitars, and basses with Variable Z inputs


- Pro Tools | Carbon audio interface 
- Pro Tools software

  • 1-year subscription with a Pro Tools
    perpetual parachute*

  • 115 AAX plugins (over 70 AAX DSP plugins), including UVI Falcon, the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle, and HEAT

  • 5.4 GB sound library

  • Standard support

Additional premium plugins included:

• Arturia Rev PLATE-140
Brainworx bx_console N
Brainworx bx_rockrack
Brainworx bx_masterdesk
Brainworx Purple Audio MC77
Embody Immerse Virtual Studio
McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip HD Native Instruments Vintage Organs
UVI Model D


Power cable
Ethernet cable
Rackmount screws and desktop feet
• Registration card

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