Avid, AVB-192 Ethernet AVB Network Card

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he AVB-192 Ethernet AVB Network Card is professionally designed capable of providing 2 independent Gigabit Ethernet ports - copper and Fiber (via SFP) - for both Avid S6L Engine options, the E6L-144 and E6L-192.

The Avid VENUE E6L is surely a state-of-the-art real-time processing engine built dedicated to handling all routing, channel, and mixing functions intended for having maximum stability and power, and the HDX-powered DSP engine is capable of managing all AAX plug-in processing at the same time, also comes along with full automatic delay compensation. That means you are able to create bigger, better sounding mixes, that comes with hundreds of processing channels and mix busses, and enjoying the tightest, most robust plug-in performance and lowest possible latency at the same time—and with no round trips to external servers.

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