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Telefunken M80 SH StandardTelefunken M80 SH Standard
Telefunken M82Telefunken M82
Telefunken Telefunken M82
Sale price €386,29
Telefunken M81 SHTelefunken M81 SH
Telefunken Telefunken M81 SH
Sale price €265,32
Telefunken TF11 FET Cardioid MicrophoneTelefunken TF11 FET Cardioid Microphone
Telefunken M81 Dynamic MicrophoneTelefunken M81 Dynamic Microphone
Telefunken M80 White Dynamic MicrophoneTelefunken M80 White Dynamic Microphone
Telefunken M80 Black Dynamic MicrophoneTelefunken M80 Black Dynamic Microphone
Telefunken TF29 Cardioid Tube MicrophoneTelefunken TF29 Cardioid Tube Microphone
Telefunken M80 Grey/Chrome Dynamic MicrophoneTelefunken M80 Grey/Chrome Dynamic Microphone
Telefunken TF51 Three-Pattern Tube MicrophoneTelefunken TF51 Three-Pattern Tube Microphone
Telefunken TF39 Three-Pattern Tube MicrophoneTelefunken TF39 Three-Pattern Tube Microphone
Telefunken ELA M 251E Tube Microphone
Telefunken TF47 Three-Pattern Tube MicrophoneTelefunken TF47 Three-Pattern Tube Microphone
Telefunken ELA M 251T Condensor Tube Microphone
Telefunken ELA M 260 Condenser Tube MicrophoneTelefunken ELA M 260 Condenser Tube Microphone
Telefunken M80 WH Chrome Dynamic Wireless Capsule
Telefunken M80-WHB Black Dynamic Wireless Capsule
Telefunken U47 Tube Mic System with VF14K Vacuum Tube
Vanguard Audio VSSM Small Shockmount
Telefunken PL05 Pop FilterTelefunken PL05 Pop Filter