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Class-A Summing Mixer

The MixDream is a cascadable 16-in-2 summing device that adds Class-A stereo summing, extensive analog insert functionality, stereo expander, limiter and switchable transformers to any DAW.

Analog Summing

Analog summing with the MixDream brings intense depth, precise localisation and impressive spatiality.

Individual instruments mix with smooth transitions. 

Insert of each channel

Each of the 16 input channels has a switchable insert for inserting EQs, compressors, Transient Designer, etc.

Reverb and multi-effect devices can of course also be connected to the inserts. In the DAW, the aux send is then routed to the corresponding output.

No Mix

With the No Mix switch position, the channel is muted for summing, but is retained at the Direct Out output and can thus be recorded again.

The No Mix function is especially useful when, for example, a compressor is inserted: the compressed signal can be recorded again and assigned a level automation.

Without this function, also known as “bounce back”, signals with level automation could not be compressed, because the compressor is looped in behind the post fader control and therefore the compressor threshold could not be adjusted during level runs.

Master Insert

In the Master Insert, a combination of compressor and equalizer is usually recommended. The insert send level determines the drive level to the inserted device.

Stereo Expander

The Stereo Expander can add more width and depth to a mix so that the stereo width gained from analog summing can be increased even further.

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