SPL HPm 500 Series Dual Headphone Amplifier


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Dual Headphone Monitoring Amplifier

Headphone monitoring amplifier for two headphones with Phonitor Matrix as double rack module for the 500 series.

Phase Inverse Ø

With the phase inversion switch you can invert the phase of the left or right channel (180°).


The audio signal can be switched between stereo and mono. In the Mute position, the headphone outputs are muted.

Phonitor Matrix

Use the Matrix switch to activate or deactivate the Phonitor Matrix (Crossfeed, Speaker Angle, Center Level).


The crossfeed value determines the interaural level difference and is comparable to the influences of different room sizes and their reflection and absorption characteristics.

Speaker Angle

The Speaker Angle determines the interaural time difference, which corresponds to the placement angle of the loudspeakers.

Center Level

With Center Level you set the level compensation of the center signals when monitoring on headphones.

The Revolution

in the headphone amplifier is the Phonitor Matrix, with adjustable crossfeed, speaker angle and center level thanks to which you can create mixes on headphones that sound the same on speakers.

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