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The 013 FET small diaphragm condenser melds audio precision and transformer color into a combination of unparalleled musicality. Best-in-class transient response and the ability to capture precise detail make them ideal as drum overheads as well as for the recording of acoustic guitar, piano, choral ensembles, strings, orchestras: in short, any application in which clarity is necessary and character desired.

The 013 Series combines the best elements of classic SDC designs with a unique character of its own. Both tube and FET versions capture sound with precision while imparting a warm sonic signature. The smooth top end and a midrange accuracy that is musical – never clinical – enable the recording of complex, transient-rich instruments and sounds that span the frequency spectrum and dynamic range (a -10db pad is included, correctly placed in the signal path between capsule and electronics) in a warm, pleasing way.

The 013 Series is available in either FET or tube circuit models; both feature identical capsules and form factors. While they also share similar, natural sound profiles, there are subtle differences between them. The 013 FET’s transistor circuit captures transients with a slightly faster response; the 013 TUBE has a smooth top-end perfect for situations in which a touch of coloration is desirable.

The engineers at Soyuz have spent decades studying, servicing and building classic microphones; this unique pool of knowledge, craft and skill – combined with the ears of numerous musicians, producers and audio engineers – has culminated in the creation of the 013 Series’ custom S13 capsule. The S13, with its detailed top end, warm mid-range, and balanced low-end possesses a remarkable ability to capture source material with an accuracy that is always flattering, never harsh.


  • 100% handmade in Russia;
  • Proprietary toroidal transformer;
  • 25mm gold sputtered diaphragm capsule designed in-house;
  • Optional capsules: omni, hypercardioid;
  • -10 dB Pad and clip included;
  • Comes in a hand-crafted Russian hardwood box.

Soyuz Microphones 013 FET Specifications:

  • Type: Condenser FET microphone;
  • Capsule: 25mm gold sputtered membrane;
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz / 20kHz;
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid/switchable capsules: hypercardioid, omni;
  • Sensitivity: 20 mV/Pa;
  • Impedance: 150 Ohms;
  • SPL: 143 dB;
  • Equivalent Noise: 16 dB (a-weighted);
  • Power: Phantom 48V;
  • Size: 122mm length x 25mm diameter (24mm capsule head diameter);
  • Weight: 200 grams (single microphone);
  • Extras: Wooden microphone box, -10 dB pad, Clip holder.

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