Rupert Neve Designs 5057 Orbit 16 x 2 Summing Mixer

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6 Channel Summing Mixer

Firmly rooted in six decades of console design experience, the 5057 Orbit gives your mixes the legendary tonality, power, and wide-open soundstage that only Rupert Neve’s class-A analog summing can provide. Coupled with Rupert’s famous custom audio transformers and Silk Red & Blue circuitry for variable harmonic saturation, the Orbit launches sterile in-the-box mixes to new heights of tone, depth and clarity – without compromising the recallable convenience and repeatability of your DAW-based workflow.

Born to Drive

When you push a mix buss and output transformers towards saturation, the non-linear, musical harmonics that occur are what truly glue a recording together and bring it to life. Rather than using an external summing solution that offers little more than an ultra-clean representation of the in-the-box experience, the Orbit provides the extraordinary richness, harmonic complexity and depth that only a Rupert Neve console can bring to your mixes.

The Orbit utilizes a highly custom output transformer configuration originally developed for the acclaimed Shelford Channel, which provides both a Main Output and a -6dB Output – the latter of which enables you to fully drive the Orbit to achieve more transformer harmonics without clipping the next device in the chain. This unique transformer drive is a hallmark of the sound of Rupert Neve throughout the years – and the sound of countless classic hit records.

- 16 Channel +/- 21V Class-A mix buss for massive headroom

- Silk Red & Blue modes with Texture control to precisely dial in the desired amount of classic tone

- Dual-tap output transformers create rich harmonic character without clipping the next device in the chain

- Mono switches enable you to precisely center any mono mix elements like vocals, kick, snare and bass 

- Exceptional linearity and accuracy, better than +/-0.1dB per channel

- Ultra-low crosstalk for wide open stereo imaging and sonic depth

- Expandable for higher channel count via buss link to other 5057 units

- Repeatable, rapid DAW-based recall while adding the rich, unrivaled sound quality of Rupert Neve Designs

- Robust and compact 1U chassis design with DB25 inputs and XLR outputs

- Combine with other Rupert Neve Designs summing products to create a world-class modular mix system

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