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Backing Track Auto-Switcher

The Radial SW8™ is an 8-channel auto-switcher that allows you to set up a redundant backup system by automatically switching between two multi-channel playback systems.

  • Switch between redundant playback systems
  • Manual or seamless automatic switching
  • Line level or transformer isolated mic level outputs
  • May be linked for larger playback systems

Under the Hood

Designed primarily for live concerts and stage shows where backing tracks are used for orchestration, vocals and sound effects, SW8 employs an adjustable gate to detect a machine malfunction and automatically switch to a second backup machine to deliver a seamless performance. The SW8 will monitor any continuous audio signal such as SMPTE on the main playback system, and should the signal drop it will automatically switch to the backup. Switching can also be performed manually on the front panel, or by using a footswitch such as the Radial JR2. For larger systems beyond 8 channels, multiple SW8s may be linked together.

The Radial SW8 is an 8-channel auto-switcher designed to switch balanced and unbalance audio sources and deliver them via a straight wire or transformer coupled interface. As solid wire specifications cannot be measured, the graphs below depict the performance of the SW8 using the transformer isolated XLR outputs. it is also important to note that the direct box outputs are designed to reduce a +4dB balanced source to a lower mic level source, thus resulting in a -20dB drop in level. This enables the SW8 to be used in a typical snake system without fear or overload and crosstalk.


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