Radial Phazer Bank 4 ch. Class-A Phase Adjuster - 19" Rack

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    The Phazerbank from Radial is an analog 4-channel rackmount phase-adjustment tool for use in live sound and studio production. Each channel offers 360 degrees of phase adjustment and variable low-pass filters, making the Phazerbank versatile and effective for achieving proper phase relationships between multi-miked sources. Easily fix common phase issues caused by combining kick in and out mics, close and distant mics, or DI boxes and mics. Using the phase and filter controls, the Phazerbank can also be used for special mixing tricks, such as filter sweeps or phaser-style effects.

    Its Class-A circuitry yields flat frequency response and low noise. True bypass switching with LED indication is present for each phase section and filter. Its 1 RU steel enclosure ensures durability for touring. Connect balanced or unbalanced signals to the Phazerbank via back-panel XLR and 1/4” jacks. In the event of undesired hum and buzz from ground loops, ground-lift switches are available for every channel. The cable lock for the included power supply minimizes the risk of unintentionally disconnecting the power cable.

    • Four discrete channels with Class-A circuitry
    • Independently adjust phase and low-pass filters on each channel
    • 360 degrees of phase adjustment (0-180 degrees or 181-360 degrees)
    • Variable low-pass filters (300 Hz - 3.8 kHz or 3-38 kHz)
    • True bypass on/off switches per channel for phase section and filter
    • LED indicators per channel for on/off status of phase section and filter
    • Balanced XLR jacks
    • 1/4” jacks accept balanced TRS or unbalanced TS
    • Ground-lift switches to minimize hum and buzz caused by ground loops
    • Power supply connection with cable lock reduces risk of accidental power disconnect
    • 15 VDC power supply is included
    • 1 RU 14-gauge steel enclosure is durable and ready for mounting in touring or studio racks

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