Radial JDX

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Active Reactor class-A reactive speaker emulation direct box

  • Guitar amplifier direct box with reactive load Speaker cabinet emulation for natural tone Direct feed to console eliminates need for a mic Ideal for recording and live performance 3-year transferable warranty
  • 100% discrete class-A circuitry, multi-stage filtering and a unique reactive load all interact with the signal coming from the head and the electromagnetic back impulse from the cabinet to produce a more realistic rendering
  • In use, the Radial JDX DI box improves the consistency of the guitar signal over a typical microphone, as irregularities of mic placement and varying acoustics no longer play the dominant role on stage
  • When combined with a microphone, fatter tones can be created by double tracking and stereo imaging the two signals for more "produced" results
  • The Radial JDX Reactor is a direct box designed to capture the explosive dynamics and warm tone of the electric guitar by connecting between the head and cabinet of a guitar amplifier to provide a direct feed to the PA or recording system

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