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The BigShot MIX is an active class-A effects loop that allows you to blend
the natural sound of an instrument with effect pedals. A standard effects loop,
like the BigShot EFX, switches between true bypass and it’s effects loop. The
BigShot MIX also switches between true bypass and it’s effect loop, except
the loop works more like an auxiliary send on a mixing console. Just like an
audio engineer in the studio mixes a vocal track with reverb, the BigShot MIX
allows you to mix in the effect pedals while the natural tone of your instrument
goes direct through to your amp. This is a big advantage with instruments that
rely on their natural tone like acoustic and bass guitars. For all instruments the
BigShot MIX is a unique way to create new tones. Like all Radial pedals the
MIX is made road and stage tough with 14-gauge steel construction, a doublesided
PC board and a heavy-duty footswitch.


The class-A buffer preserves the natural tone of your instrument by presenting
a high impedance input to your guitar. Radial class-A buffers are 100%
discreet (no IC chips) and sound great. The buffer allows the signal to be split
and drives effects pedals connected to the BigShot’s effect loop.

The SEND and RETURN jacks use standard 1⁄4” guitar cables. The SEND
jack connects to the effect pedal input and the RETURN jack connects to
the pedal’s output. Pay close attention when connecting these jacks as most
errors are made here.

The LEVEL control sets the amount of signal that is returned from the effect
pedal. The control is recessed to prevent accidental movement. A guitar pick
can be used like a screw driver to turn the recessed knob. When the control
is set at minimum position (full counter-clockwise) the BigShot MIX will output
100% direct sound. As the control is turned clockwise the effect pedal sound
is mixed with the direct sound. When set at maximum (full clockwise) the
BigShot MIX will output a 50%-50% mix of direct and effect signals. Adjust the
LEVEL control to fi nd the ratio of direct to effect that sounds best to you. The
LEVEL control works best when the effect pedal your using to maximum effect
or 100% wet signal.

This circuit mixes the direct signal with the signal returning from the BigShot’s
effects loop. The class-A active mix section works in the same way a mixing
console does to combine two signals ensuring that nothing is lost and the
full-range natural sound of both signals is maintained. The active circuit also
has the benefi t of preventing the next device in the chain from affecting the
performance of the BigShot MIX.



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