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Telefunken ELA M 251E Tube Microphone
Telefunken ELA M 251T Condensor Tube Microphone
Telefunken ELA M 260 Condenser Tube MicrophoneTelefunken ELA M 260 Condenser Tube Microphone
Telefunken M80 Black Dynamic MicrophoneTelefunken M80 Black Dynamic Microphone
Telefunken M80 Grey/Chrome Dynamic MicrophoneTelefunken M80 Grey/Chrome Dynamic Microphone
Telefunken M80 SH StandardTelefunken M80 SH Standard
Telefunken M80 WH Chrome Dynamic Wireless Capsule
Telefunken M80 White Dynamic MicrophoneTelefunken M80 White Dynamic Microphone
Telefunken M80-WHB Black Dynamic Wireless Capsule
Telefunken M81 Dynamic MicrophoneTelefunken M81 Dynamic Microphone
Telefunken M81 SHTelefunken M81 SH
Telefunken Telefunken M81 SH
Sale price €329,00
Telefunken M82Telefunken M82
Telefunken Telefunken M82
Sale price €479,00
Telefunken PL05 Pop FilterTelefunken PL05 Pop Filter
Telefunken TF11 FET Cardioid MicrophoneTelefunken TF11 FET Cardioid Microphone
Telefunken TF29 Cardioid Tube MicrophoneTelefunken TF29 Cardioid Tube Microphone
Telefunken TF39 Three-Pattern Tube MicrophoneTelefunken TF39 Three-Pattern Tube Microphone
Telefunken TF47 Three-Pattern Tube MicrophoneTelefunken TF47 Three-Pattern Tube Microphone
Telefunken TF51 Three-Pattern Tube MicrophoneTelefunken TF51 Three-Pattern Tube Microphone
Telefunken U47 Tube Mic System with VF14K Vacuum Tube

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