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Acoustic instrument preamp, 2 ch. w/ EQ and Notch Filter. PSU included

The PZ-Deluxe is a studio quality instrument preamp in a compact pedal for live stage use, with tone-shaping EQ controls and built-in boost & mute footswitches.

  • Acoustic preamp for all types of pickups and transducers
  • Low-cut filter and 180° polarity reverse to eliminate feedback
  • Radial direct box output to feed the PA
  • Power booster and mute for more control on stage

Control your tone on stage

The PZ-Deluxe is an instrument preamp with a low noise front end that is capable of exceptional dynamics to adapt to all instruments including acoustic guitar, upright bass, mandolin and violin no matter what type of pickup system is being used. Powerful EQ controls allow you to shape your tone through the PA and a stage amp, with a low cut filter and 180° polarity reverse switches to help eliminate feedback on stage. A special PZB gain stage can be activated for use with instruments that have piezo transducers, increasing the input impedance to 10 meg ohms to eliminate the squawk and harshness that are sometimes associated with those pickup systems. The PZ-Deluxe also features a high quality Radial DI to provide a balanced output that can drive cables of over 100 meters (300ft) without noise into the PA system, and built-in mute and boost footswitches give you instant control for solos, instrument changeovers, or silent tune-ups on stage.

The Radial PZ-Deluxe is a high performance preamp disguised as an effects pedal. One can quickly evaluate the performance by looking at the low noise design (about -120dB at all frequencies), the even order harmonics detailed in the FFT graph and of course the low distortion at the intended guitar and mic signal level range. These support the claim that the radial PZ-Deluxe will deliver the tone of the instrument with optimal signal transfer.

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