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Keyboard mixer, 3 stereo inputs, effects bus, USB, balanced DI outs

The Key-Largo is a unique and powerful device that combines a multi-channel keyboard mixer with a USB audio interface, while providing the ability to control elements of the performance with footswitch control.

  • Three stereo analog inputs for keyboards
  • Digital USB connection for laptop soft-synths
  • On-board sustain and effects loop footswitches
  • Separate balanced outputs for the PA and stage monitors

A mixer for today's gigging keyboard player

Designed for stage use, the Key-Largo allows you to connect up to three stereo keyboards, effects and volume pedals, and a laptop computer via USB, managing all these signals to send a balanced audio feed to a PA system for a seamless performance on stage. Three stereo analog inputs feature individual volume controls to balance levels, and each can be sent to a shared effects loop to add reverb or delay in an instant using a dedicated footswitch. A USB connection allows laptop computers to be integrated into the setup for control of soft-synths, and a built-in sustain footswitch and connections for a stereo volume pedal provide additional ways to control your performance.

High headroom, low noise

A switch-mode power supply inside the Key-Largo elevates the rail voltage to 24 volts for extra headroom to handle the most dynamic digital keyboards and the hottest analog synths without fear of overload or distortion. This is paired with 24bit/192kHz digital audio converters for high quality audio over USB when playing soft-synths or pre-recorded tracks. To eliminate noise when connecting multiple devices on stage, the main outputs are transformer-isolated to eliminate hum and buzz from ground loops, and all outputs are equipped with ground lift switches to further reduce noise.

Even though the Key-Largo is built into a compact space-saving chassis, it is still a powerful line mixer with tons of headroom. A switch-mode power supply internally elevates the rail voltage to 24 volts which allows it to handle the hottest keyboard and synth outputs without choking. Custom isolation transformers on the XLR outputs prevent buzz and hum when connecting to a pair of powered speakers or the PA system, with additional ground lifts for further noise abatement. A USB connection includes 24bit / 192kHz converters for high quality playback or recording with a laptop; perfect for use with soft-synths on stage or recording an idea when inspiration strikes.


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