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Horus Networked Audio Interface

is the culmination of over 2 decades of making sure that Merging is the “Swiss Army Knife” of the media industry. It is a comprehensive audio router and format converter, a new benchmark in transparent Analogue to Digital conversion, one of the most pristine microphone pre-amplifiers available anywhere in the world and very importantly an input and output connection node to RAVENNA IP Audio Networks.

Horus is the primary I/O interface for Merging’s audio software (Ovation9 and Pyramix25th) and all Merging users can take full advantage of connection to the Horus unit, over RAVENNA/AES67 Networks, using the MassCore Audio Engine. But, to stay true to the “Swiss Army Knife” ideology, Merging Technologies wants to provide the same opportunities to use this revolutionary interface regardless of your choice of tool. So, Merging has designed drivers which allow for connection into the RAVENNA network, and the Horus interface, which means no matter what DAW or NLE you work with every day, Horus now provide you with the ultimate front end. The PT64 option card provides 64 channels of low latency Pro Tools HDä connectivity and allows Pro Tools users to take advantage of RAVENNA and AES67 AoIP capabilities.

The introduction of the new series of combination I/O cards, ADA8S and ADA8P, allows up to 48 analog inputs and 48 outputs to be fitted to Horus and provides the new 3rd generation Dual Gain topology offering superior specifications as well as improved gain control for a wider range of microphones.


Horus Base Unit

  • Up to 200 inputs @1FS - RAVENNA/AES67
  • Up to 202 outputs @1FS - RAVENNA/AES67
  • Works from 44.1kHz to 192kHz (Premium up to DXD/DSD256)
  • Signal routing from any input to any combination of outputs
  • Works as MADI/AES AD/DA for “standard” operation
  • Works in RAVENNA mode to deliver all I/O through a network
  • Front panel touch screen for local access
  • Browser-based remote access using any web enabled device
  • Dual redundant power supply option
  • Modular design for analog and additional Digital I/O
  • Near-zero latency from in to out (<1ms)

 Horus Option Cards and Accessories

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