SPL Phonitor x + DAC768xs

SPLTuotekoodi SPLF15805

Color: Black

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Phonitor x

The headphone amplifier with preamplifier

Enjoy music over headphones and over speakers equally excellently with the superior VOLTAiR technology – that’s why we developed Phonitor x.

For all headphones

The Phonitor x offers connections for standard headphones with jack plug and for balanced headphones a 4-pin XLR connector.

Thanks to the enormous output power of 18 watts, all headphones are driven effortlessly.

Headphones or Speaker

The OUTPUT switch turns the headphone amplifier into a preamplifier – simply switch from headphones to speakers and the selected source signal goes to both analog audio outputs, RCA and XLR.

In the center position (mute), no signal reaches the outputs. The VU meters light up red.

To the power amplifiers

or to the active loudspeakers you can use the balanced XLR- for long, and the RCA sockets for short cable runs.

Practical are the AMP CTL sockets to which power amplifiers with 12V trigger inputs can be connected to switch them on and off together with Phonitor x.

Milled from solid

is the big 45mm Volume control. Its mass together with the  motorized Alps RK27 “Big Blue” potentiometer enhances the “spoon in the honey” feeling even further.

The red marker LED makes the setting visible even in darkened environments.

Volume RC

The volume can be remote controlled with any infrared remote control, that the Phonitor x simply learns.

To do this, press the IR programming button and then the buttons for louder and quieter.

Learning made easy

This video explains how you can use any infrared remote control to remotely control the volume.

The DAC768xs

The highly acclaimed AKM AK4490 Velvet Sound™ premium DAC chip is used as the converter chip in the optional digital-to-analogue converter, which thanks to its new architecture reproduces the finest sound details.

It converts PCM audio with a resolution of 32 bits and a sampling rate of up to 768kHz, which is equivalent to 16 times CD resolution. Direct Stream Digital is also supported up to a resolution of DSD4 or DSD256.

The Revolution

in the headphone amplifier is the Phonitor Matrix, thanks to which you can listen to music through headphones as if you were listening through speakers. The tiring super stereo effect is a thing of the past.

Enjoy your music exactly the way it should be heard. 

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