AEA R88A Wes80 Ulti-Mic Stereo Kit

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A limited edition stereo microphone

Introducing the Ulti-Mic Stereo Kit: WES80 Edition!

To celebrate AEA Microphones founder Wes Dooley turning 80 this year, AEA has created only 80 Limited Edition Ulti-Mic Stereo Kits.

The kit includes:

— AEA’s iconic R88A stereo mic featured in John Cuniberti’s OneMic Series.

— The original Ribbon Preamp, the TRP2, designed and optimized for ribbon microphones.

— A rugged SKB road case with custom foam inserts.

— An autographed hardback edition of Ron Streicher’s New Stereo Soundbook (third edition)

— A 15-min personal zoom call with Wes Dooley, founder of AEA. (time to be set up at your convenience).

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