Direct Out RAV.IO, RAVENNA/ST2110 AoIP module DEMO

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Direct Out RAV.IO, RAVENNA/ST2110 AoIP module. DEMO.

RAV.IO is an audio network module for the PRODIGY Series to interface RAVENNA streams.

Optional available as RAV.SRC.IO with sample rate conversion (HD SRC) on board.
The PRODIGY Series also offers low latency sample rate conversion (FastSRC™) for input and output.

Three network ports can be configured to connect with two independent networks or for redundant transmission according to ST 2022-7. It interfaces up to 128 audio channels (input and output).

The amount of audio channels is reduced at higher sample rates - 64 channels @ 2 FS or 32 channels @ 4 FS.

RAVENNA is an open audio networking technology developed initially by ALC NetworX.

DirectOut's own RAVENNA implementation relies on more than ten years of development.

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