Avid NEXIS | E2 SSD 38.4TB. Avid NEXIS | Foundation, E2 SSD Controller w/ 40GbE, ExpertPlus with Hardware Support

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Avid NEXIS | E2 SSD 38.4TB. Avid NEXIS | Foundation, E2 SSD Controller w/ 40GbE

ExpertPlus with Hardware Support

NOTE: Network interface SFP+ 40GbE optics or 40G Direct Attach Cables must be ordered separately for each engine.

For post-production facilities that require maximum media throughput for demanding finishing, color grading, and VFX workflows, Avid NEXIS | E2 SSD delivers the highest level of performance.

    • Avid NEXIS | FS file system (enables you to access, scale, customize, reconfigure, manage, protect, and secure your system)
    • 9.6, 19.2, or 38.4 TB of storage capacity per E2 SSD engine with a single Media Pack, offering up to 3 GB/s of bandwidth
    • Scalable from 9.6 TB to more than 2 PB of flash storage by combining up to 64 E2 SSD engines into a single scale-out system
    • Modular field-replaceable storage engine controller
    • Two hot-swappable SSDs for system configuration and metadata management
    • 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40GbE)
    • Redundant power and cooling
    • 2U rack-mountable chassis

Base configurations
    • Single engine controller with 1 x 9.6, 19.2, or 38.4 TB SSD Media Packs

  • System Director Appliance (primary and redundant option)

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